About Us

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Investments & with an entrepreneurial spirit at heart, Stratagem is a residential real estate investment firm in Columbus, Ohio that leverages technology, experience, and strong work ethic to deliver the performance standards our investors and partners expect and deserve. Our team understands the art of working together with tenants, owners, investors, and the community to achieve an optimal outcome.

The team at Stratagem brings decades of dedication, commitment, and experience to the table everyday.  Core to our mission is our desire to elevate lives while maintaining a sense of balance and harmony among us.  We invite you to join us on this journey as a resident, client, or partner.

Our residents appreciate our commitment to delivering quality housing rich with the amenities they seek and desire.  We’re friendly, fair, and leverage technology at every step of our business to ensure we always provide ample communication and timely responsiveness.

Our clients and partners trust our team to professionally manage their ‘nest-egg’ and help them to find the perfect asset to complement their investment style.  We offer decades of experience by professionals who understand the nuances of investment real estate in Central Ohio at a level above the rest.

About our Managing Partners

  • 35 years of combined industry experience in Columbus real estate
  • Committed to delivering a fair and friendly experience to our partners and residents.
  • Delivering proven results based on market knowledge and accurate fundamentals.
  • Not afraid to roll their selves up, dig in, and enjoy what we do!


  • Friendly Staff
  • Years of Experience
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Responsive
  • Technology Driven
  • Pets Welcomed